1. Today in Solidarity: Incredible Women (and Girls) of Ferguson 

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    Léa Seydoux - Jalouse Magazine (September 2013)


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    phenomenal comment chain on a lyric video for nicki minaj’s verse from Monster

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    White Man from San Diego Waves Gun Around Small Children In Confrontation With Police and Is Taken Into Custody Alive.  

    This white man walked towards the police with a gun pointed at them and they spend half an hour talking to him before they shoot him one time. If he had been a black man, they would’ve shot him dead. Before you police apologists claim this man has a history of mental illness (he does) that’s why the police was lenient,  Ezell Ford, a mentally ill black man, was recently killed by the LAPD. 


    Haha like. … what. …

    This is. .. this is it. This is what we talk about.

    This is white privilege

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  9. Plot Twist: My Anaconda Do

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    Adult things arent NEARLY as complex as I thought they were growing up I just walked into bank of america and said im here to open a checking account and they said ok and opened me a checking account

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