1. neilnevins:


    he just left the kids by themselves

    well there was a sale in Kitchen Crafts 

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  2. sidnugget:

    My favorite person

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  3. ven0moth:

    "no YOU change"

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  4. ejactoolate:

    eyes of my roommate keeps me awake till 2 am watching netflix

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  5. dekutree:

    how do we get her to congress?

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  7. weloveshortvideos:

    So this happened on Brazilian TV.

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  8. officialunitedstates:

    [me in 1773, tossing the tea off the ships] i am only here because tea tastes really bad.  i know basic economics and if supply goes down the prices will increase and less people will be able to buy it.  i am strongly anti-tea.  i hope a war does not start because of this

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  9. internetexplorers:

    @ all of you

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  10. abathingsavage:

    Don’t ever sleep on Zendaya

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